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 Top Anime Films

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PostSubject: Top Anime Films   Sat Dec 31, 2011 5:14 pm

Kokirininja probably wont be too happy with this list Razz

This doesnt include spinoff movies like from DBZ, Naruto, and those longer animes. These are definitely my top ten but it was hard to choose an order. The top 5 can interchange lol

1. Akira
The benchmark in anime films. Even more incredible that this was made in 1988. The animation is ahead of its time and the music is great. The plot is original and the characters are pretty in depth. The dub is pretty good (the newer one) with Johnny Yong Bosch as the main character. Any anime fan that hasnt seen Akira needs to get off their ass and check it out. The ending is insane as well lol.

2. Ghost in the Shell
Another landmark in japanese animation. A great mind bender and a very original story. The main character is awesome as well. Music is superb as well because Yoko Kanno did it (Cowboy Bebop music lady). This film influenced a lot of Hollywood films as well. Just like Akira, if youre an anime fan and havent seen it, you have to.

3. Princess Mononoke
A top notch studio Ghibli film. Their best in my opinion. I own this badboy on VHS. First non DBZ anime I owned. It has a very in depth plot and has a lot of underlying themes. One of the best dubs ever in my opinion. Billy Bob Thorton in an anime? I mean come on lol. Check this one out for sure.

4. Metropolis
The most under rated anime or anime film of all time in my opinion. It is awesome in everyway. The music is insanely awesome along with the animation. Based on a manga by the "Godfather of Manga and anime" (cant remember his name off hand lol) Its a futuristic commentary on technology and humanity colliding. If you havent seen this, please check it out and let me know what you think. Also one of the first animes i saw when i was a kid. Great dub as well.

5. Cowboy Bebop - Knockin on Heaven's Door
Cowboy Bebop..enough said.

6. Trigun - Badlands Rumble
Great film. Best of 2011 in my opinion. If you liked Trigun then you will love the movie.

7. Perfect Blue
Another classic anime film. Its a psychological thriller and keeps you on edge until the very end. Another benchmark in anime.

8. Spirited Away
9. Ninja Scroll
10. Evangelion Movies

Those that havent ventured out to anime films, most definitely should. You'll thank me later

Let me know what you think and if you have a list, please share it.


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PostSubject: Re: Top Anime Films   Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:32 pm

A very fine list you have there, quite fine indeed ^^

If I had to make my list it would include the following films. I can't give numbers because I just have too many favorites so I'll just list a few.

-Laputa Castle in the Sky
-Princess Mononoke
-Howl's Moving Castle
-Borrower Arriety
(pretty much every studio ghibli film... -_-)
-Sword of the Stranger
-Summer Wars
-Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
-Trigun Badlands Rumble
(Might as well take outlaw's list and mush it into mine, I like all of them as well XD haha)

The one's I'm not sure if you have seen outlaw are: summer wars, brave story, sword of the stranger, vampire hunter d bloodlust, and possibly various studio ghibli films? Anyways if you got time check em out Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Top Anime Films   Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:17 am

Ive only seen a few Ghibli films unfortunately. Ill get around to watching them eventually Kokiiri Razz

Glad to see Metropolis made your list Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Top Anime Films   

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Top Anime Films
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